No homeowner is a fan of leaking pipes and puddles of contaminated water anywhere in their home. This is why you should have your plumber on speed dial in times of need. They’re the ones we depend on to make sure our water supply and drainage systems are installed properly and in good working condition.

Can you imagine your home or office without clean water and a working bathroom?

Thankfully, we have plumbers like Southwest Mechanical Contractors who install, maintain and repair our home water systems to keep us worry-free.

When you think of plumbing, water and pipe repair jobs almost always come to mind, but it’s not the only thing plumbers do. Plumbing services also encompass the installation, maintenance and repair of heating systems, furnaces, water heaters, washing machines, sewers and more.

When a water pipe in a house leaks due to damage or wear, it can cause excessive moisture which triggers the growth of molds and fungi. This can cause premature deterioration of affected areas and possibly affect the health of allergy prone family members.

Here are some of the most important responsibilities of professional plumbers:

Water Pipeline Installation

This refers to the installation of pipes to allow water to flow into your home. This is a job that needs skills and experience. With Southwest Mechanical Contractors, you can be confident that we can do the job, whether it is an installation or repair because we have the skills, equipment and commitment to finish it professionally.

Drain Cleaning

Your toilet drain or sink can can get blocked over time, especially if you ignore certain signs. Our professional plumbers can fix it systematically by first finding the cause of and determining a suitable solution to the problem.

Garbage Disposal

Professional plumbers can help you to dispose of your solid waste efficiently. They can install an electric garbage disposal system which shreds waste products from your traps into small pieces and allows them to flow through the pipes.


This is an effective solution to eliminate blockage in your drainage systems. It is done by blasting water through blocked drains to remove whatever is clogging it.

Jet Vacuum / Sewer Line Repair

A damaged or clogged sewer line could be the worst plumbing problem you ever encounter. It can cause inconvenience to your entire household and possibly disturb neighbors because of a contaminated smell which can be harmful to health. If you detect any form of sewer problems in your home or office, you should contact a professional plumber like Southwest Mechanical at once.

Leaking water pipelines or damaged sewer lines are problems that require immediate solutions. They need fast action from you or your home will become a host to contaminated water.

Plumbing and piping repair jobs are technical. They require people with the right skills and appropriate equipment. One wrong step can make the situation even worse.

While there are simple plumbing routines you can do all by yourself, there are certain jobs that really need the expertise of professionals. These are the complex plumbing jobs that you need to entrust only to professionals who are licensed and certified to work on your project.

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