Many of us probably think that staying indoor means we are safe from air pollution, but research says otherwise. A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study revealed that indoor air pollution has harmful effects on human health.

With many people spending most of their time inside their houses due to the current pandemic, managing indoor air quality is vital to prevent the further spread of the virus. 

Indoor Air Quality and Its Importance

Indoor air quality refers to the cleanliness (or otherwise) of the air circulating within the facility, which ultimately impacts the health of individuals within that space. Keeping your awareness about the quality of your indoor air is necessary during this crisis because poor IAQ can weaken the immune system and have adverse effects on your health and your family’s. 

The indoor pollutant level is usually two to five times higher than outdoor. It can result in eye irritation, cough, and headache and can cause severe health problems on continuous exposure. Homeowners can discuss their IAQ concerns with a trusted Oklahoma City HVAC repair contractor for better indoor air quality at home.

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

With the understanding of how important it is to maintain a healthy IAQ, here are the three main approaches to have better indoor air quality at home that will prevent future virus transmission.

Get rid of the source pollutant

Indoor air pollution is a significant contributor to poor IAQ. Some of the common indoor air pollutants are fuel-burning combustion appliances, house materials from the old (deteriorated, asbestos-ridden insulation) to the new (recently installed upholstery or carpet), tobacco products, odors and chemicals from cleaning products, and other pollutants such as radon or pesticides. Once you identify the source of the pollutant at home, remove it, or refrain from using it. 

Use Natural or Mechanical Ventilation

Proper ventilation allows the fresh outdoor air to go inside the house to lower the concentration of indoor air pollutants. It helps remove or dilute airborne pollutants, which will result in better IAQ. You can take advantage of natural ventilation by opening the windows and doors. Another way is a mechanical ventilator that is associated with the Oklahoma City HVAC repair system. You can call your HVAC repair OKC mechanics to know if your house has spots that bring in outdoor air through the HVAC system.

Use Air Cleaners

You can improve your IAQ using filtration and purification devices that target indoor air pollutants. There are many variations of air cleaners available in the market that you can use. Its effectiveness is usually measured on how well it collects indoor air pollutants and how much it carries through the cleaning or filtering element. If you are concerned about gaseous pollutants at your home, you can discuss it with your HVAC repair OKC mechanic since air cleaners are not designed to remove this kind of air pollutant.

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