According to the Department of Energy, one of the most common problems when it comes to air-conditioning is improper operation and usage. Some typical issues including leaving the windows and doors open while the AC is running, which is the fault of the homeowners. Not only is this a waste of electricity but can also affect how your air-conditioning unit will work in the long run.

In general, air-conditioner manufacturers make quality products. Reasons why air-conditioners break down can include, faulty installation, poor service procedures, inadequate maintenance. All these can result in leaky ducts, low airflow, and low refrigerant charge which affect the performance and efficiency of the unit. This is one reason why you should always hire legitimate, professional OKC HVAC contractors. Unqualified service providers fail to pinpoint small issues and manage can make existing problems worse.

Some common problems include the following:

Refrigerant Leaks

HVAC OKC experts will know that leaks are caused by the air conditioner being low on refrigerant from being undercharged at installation. Trained contractors will be able to fix any leak, test the repair, and then charge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant. Leaks are also harmful to the environment.

Lack of Maintenance

When your air conditioning filters and coils become dirty, the system will not work properly and the compressors and fans will malfunction. Keep your system cleaned with regular maintenance from a trusted expert in HVAC in OKC.

Drain Issues

When the weather is extra humid, the condensate drain of your air-conditioner will get clogged and not drain properly. This usually happens because the air-conditioner was not mounted properly during installation. Call an expert to take care of the mounting position in order for the water to drain.

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