Replacing your furnace is an important decision especially because it directly affects the warmth and comfort level you are used to at home. Moreover, a furnace or an entire HVAC system replacement can be quite costly too. Unless your furnace system is clearly broken, it is sometimes difficult to decide whether to simply contact a furnace repair company in Oklahoma City or get a furnace replacement altogether.

If you are wondering whether it is finally time to replace your furnace, there are several signs you can look out for so you can make the best decision.

Here are 7 warning signs that may indicate that it is time to replace your furnace.

  • Your boiler or furnace is old (more than 15 years old).
  • Your HVAC system requires frequent furnace repair visits.
  • Your energy bills are continuously increasing.
  • Your HVAC system is no longer providing sufficient warmth and comfort.
  • Your unit irregularly cycles on and off.
  • You hear unusual noises inside your unit.
  • The air quality inside your home has gone bad and you start to notice a foul odor.

Once you’ve decided to finally go for a furnace replacement, it’s important to choose a new one that will provide you the highest efficiency and substantial savings.

Some features to look for when getting a furnace replacement

AFUE Efficiency Rating

The AFUE or the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating of a furnace measures how well a unit converts fuel to heat in your home. Many standard furnaces today have an 80% AFUE rating. However, you can also find a higher efficiency furnace with a 90 to 96% AFUE rating. They may cost a lot more during the purchase, but you will save a lot of money on fuel costs per year.

Air Filtration

An electric filter is fitted in your furnace so it reduces the number of dust particles blown through your heating system. If you want to prevent asthma and other lung diseases, replacing this feature can be extremely beneficial to your family.


Most of the major furnace brands offer a good warranty on their units. However, look for specific types that will be more beneficial to you such as Manufacturer Parts and Labor Warranty, Furnace Heat Exchanger Warranty, and Contractor Parts and Labor Extended Warranty. These warranties will help you save money on furnace repair visits in the future.

Variable-Speed Blower

This feature adjusts the rate of air delivered in your home if less heat is needed. This smart feature is the most efficient as it gives the exact amount of air needed and no energy is wasted.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to find a reliable furnace repair company in Oklahoma City should you wish to have your current heating system checked and replaced. It is important to have your furnace replaced by trusted professionals since they have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to improve your HVAC system. 

As a homeowner, it is important to prioritize your family’s comfort and safety. Your heating system is a huge investment for your home so make sure you only include reputable and qualified professionals in your decision-making.

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