In an article by a professor from Temple University College of Public Health , there are ongoing studies about the possibility that the COVID-19 virus is present in fecal matter and if this proves to be true then the Coronavirus can travel through sewage pipes and infect others. How plumbing systems work is that they have soil pipes, which washes wastes down and away and vent pipes, which remove sewer gases and odors and ensure that wastewater keeps flowing freely.

While the theory is not confirmed, improperly sealed vent pipes may result in virus transmission by carrying infected faces into the ventilation systems of different apartment building units and blowing it into people’s bathrooms. This stresses the absolute importance and critical need for maintaining properly-installed residential drain plumbing. In this situation, this is when professional plumbing companies like Southwest Mechanical contractors come in. 

While there is a risk of the COVID-19 virus spreading in high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums here in the United States it is also very unlikely thanks to strict U.S. plumbing codes. When hiring professional plumbing and HVAC services in OKC, you are assured that any modification to a building’s water, waste or vent system will be performed by qualified professionals in line with the official and legal requirements after which, they will be inspected by a code official. This guarantees maximum safety to the health and lives of all residents in the building or condominium complex. 

Another safety precaution and protection measure for residents is that wastewater stacks and vent pipes are installed and hidden behind walls in residential homes and apartments. Professionals offering plumbing and HVAC services in OKC ensures that these pipes are accessible by residents in order to reduce the chances and risk that people can easily tamper the pipes and as a result create unsafe and unsanitary conditions for all the members of the household. 

The current COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreaks show how important it is to keep residents safe from disease in their own homes. The dangers of virus transmission caused by unqualified people who work on building water and plumbing systems are a very real threat. Through proper plumbing designs and professional and licensed work that fall under correct plumbing codes, significant losses of life can be avoided. 

When it comes to finding reliable Oklahoma plumbing services, Southwest Mechanical Contractors is the leading plumbing expert in OKC that offers a range of services to keep your plumbing system in its peak performance.

For more than 80 years, our fully-equipped plumbing experts have provided expert and knowledgeable plumbing services to residential and commercial establishments throughout the state. In these trying times of the COVID-19 crisis, we are available 24/7 to fix any plumbing emergencies from unclogging a sink to fixing pipe leaks and even repairing a sewer line. No matter how simple or complex the job, you can count on us to offer plumbing solutions on demand. 

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